Stepping out of the Box

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This site will slowly be evolving as I evolve.  It started as my music site and I intuitively feel that this site will start encompassing all of me, not just that aspect of me.  Many of you know that I am also on a Yogic Journey.  This journey started about 5 years ago when I started meditating.  I am now a certified yoga instructor and still in school to learn more and gain more clarity for how I would like to express myself and help others.  On this endless path to Enlightenment, I have learned so much about myself, the world, perspective, and healing.

I once thought my world was black and white.  I lived in a box.  Afraid to leave the box and take shape the way I wanted to.  Now I that I’ve stepped out, I want to shout it out, be a messenger to all that it’s okay out here, you can leave too.   I sometimes worry that others are missing out on the truth.  How can people go through life not experiencing nature, spending more time inside office buildings, driving in rush hour traffic, and immersed on their phones?  Valuing busyness, money and material things?  How did success become more important than honoring love, purpose, family, connection and well-being?  When did rules of right or wrong, marriage certificates printed on paper, religion, and dogma become the source of guidance that we live our lives by?  When did we stop trusting our hearts, our bodies, our internal compasses?  When did we begin tolerating the endless advertisements, political corruption, poison in our food, and distasteful entertainment?  I often wonder how our human race could get so off track from the intuitive way we were meant and designed to live.  I often wonder how we place so much value on how nice of a car we drive, where we vacation, planning the perfect party, the financial status and notoriety of the friends we keep.  We don’t teach our kids to handle their issues of self-esteem, trauma, hurt and shame.  We value test scores, homework, and packing our weeks with extracurricular activities. We go along with all the ways companies, schools and the government continue to micromanage, add more rules, policies and procedures to control us. We spend more time on social media, watching CNN, and sports than we do talking to our loved ones.  We spend more time watching Netflix than we do moving our bodies.  We seek comfort in drugs, alcohol, food, shopping and other addictions because we don’t know how to find comfort within.  We thrive off of finding differences, fighting injustice, proving others’ viewpoints wrong instead of seeking to find commonality, solutions and cooperation.  Our perspective is the cancer.  Our lack of awareness is the cancer.  Following the herd is the why we are so unhappy.  Living objectively, in our heads and not from our hearts is our dysfunction.  Our egos are killing us.

The solution is in the silence.  It lies in our heart.  It calls to us in whispers.  It screams at us in pain.  We can find it by just ‘being’ and not ‘doing’ all the time.  We can find it when we notice our discomfort, feelings of lack or failure.  If we are willing to be the witness.  If we can truly be objective and see that all of these negative feelings are a result of us losing our connection with source.  Source is you.  Source is all you have and always loves you.  It doesn’t judge, keep track of where you are in relation to goals, care how you look, what you’ve accomplished, compare your journey to others.  We can’t find happiness in another, in a place or from things.  Our expectations of others and for things to be perfect will never be met and never satisfy us for more than a moment.  We will always want more or be disappointed that someone isn’t holding us as the object of their attention.  We won’t have perfect weather, our favorite meal in front of us, or perfect hair everyday.  We have to find that happiness by appreciating the things we do have, by sitting in the silence of the present moment and remembering our true nature, not identified with the character we are playing in this lifetime.

Can we become aware of our subconscious programming?  Are we capable of looking objectively at our lives and seeing our judgements, how we conform, addictions, negative thoughts, distractions, and our habits of pleasing and impressing the world before we honor our own souls?  Can we share our emotions, show vulnerability, and be honest about who we are what we desire? Can we hold space for others to share their emotions and deepest feelings without giving tough love or trying to fix it?  Can we accept other’s decisions to honor themselves?  Can we stop giving unsolicited advice?  Can we stop projecting our fears on others?  Can we stop trying to control how others act so that we can feel better?

I care when I see so many people labeling themselves as ‘broken’, depressed, anxious, stressed, ashamed, busy, tired, in pain, lonely, and sick because I’ve been there.  I care when I see so many people unsatisfied with their lives.  I empathize with the people who have unresolved emotional hurt and trauma.  I notice the people who are not present, not to say I’m present all the time.   I genuinely care when I see people focused on putting other’s needs before their own.  So many of us are living in our ego mind, worried how everyone’s perceiving the ‘character’ they are playing.  Most of us are living in ‘survival mode’.  This happens because we are not honoring the path that they we are called to go down for fear of judgement and financial worry.

I share these thoughts because I’ve been guilty of it all.  I will no longer live with the discomfort, so I am stepping out of the box.  I am on the ‘hero’s journey’ to change myself, my thinking, my perspective, and most importantly to inspire and help others.  Are you willing to start looking at your life?  Yourself?  Your perspective?  Are you willing to honor yourself?  Are you willing to change?  The change starts with you.




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