Listen to my new Original Song, “Immunity”…

Hi friends,

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve shared anything. I’ve been putting more focus on songwriting this year. I heard something fabulous from a short video clip of a Nina Simone interview that inspired me to write a song about these times. She said, “An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times. I think that is true of painters, sculptors, poets, musicians. As far as I’m concerned, it’s their choice, but I CHOOSE to reflect the times and situations in which I find myself. That, to me, is my duty. And at this crucial time in our lives, when everything is so desperate, when everyday is a matter of survival, I don’t think you can help but be involved. Young people, black and white, know this. That’s why they’re so involved in politics. We will shape and mold this country or it will not be molded and shaped at all anymore. So I don’t think you have a choice. How can you be an artist and NOT reflect the times? That to me is the definition of an artist.”

Here’s a link to my song, which I also submitted to the 35th Annual American Songwriter Contest yesterday! I decided to utilize that Halloween costume one more time! 😉 I truly appreciate “Likes” and “Subscribes” as that helps my channel grow! Thanks for watching! Happy Halloween!

Love, Nikki

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