What’s Important??

I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately. What’s truly important? I guess the answer is constantly changing and unique to each one of us. One way I’ve figured out what was important to me was by letting go of the things, those things that were not adding more joy, peace, growth, beauty and contentment to my life. I’ve done it by clearing clutter and clothes from my home, releasing myself from expectations of others, stopping communication with some, disidentifying with my roles and personality, removing foods from my diet, taking things off my calendar that caused stress, quitting jobs that didn’t feel good, deleting my Facebook and Instagram, releasing routines and schedules that made me feel trapped and guilty, a desire to achieve, be important, powerful and unique. I’ve also done this with my music…I’ve deleted songs from my playlist that no longer resonate with me, don’t flatter my voice or guitar playing or keep me trapped in past memories. I’ve also decided what types of singing gigs weren’t for me and decline those offers now. Clearing things away allowed me to see what’s left and what’s important. I realized for me, what’s important is not the material things that are left such as a home, furniture, money in the bank account, a guitar, a car, photos, decor, etc. I realized after so much was cleared away that I was okay if I lost those things too. What is left is more time for listening to my heart, presence, simplicity, harmony, nature, empathy and love for everyone, self-reflection, investing in my happiness and health, being outdoors, moving my body, sleep, creativity, sunlight, living holistically, eating good quality foods, knowing my abundance, adventure, creating a warm, safe and nurturing environment for my kids, not forcing things, loving, listening, singing, laughing, dancing, playing and celebrating this gift of life we’ve been given. Love to all who are reading this!


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