I did it!!!

Last year around this same time, I made the decision that I wanted to play with a band. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get there, I just knew it was a dream of mine to perform more with other musicians. I had very minimal experience performing outside of my solo comfort zone. So, slowly but surely, I started working with other talented musicians that have helped me grow and helped me to become braver with experimenting. That is the only way to really learn..by taking baby steps. I started playing duos and then graduated to trios on occasion and this Christmas Eve I am graduating to playing with a full band, a significant milestone for me! I can’t believe this is really happening!! It’s going to be a fun and experimental night playing alongside some very talented and experienced musicians who I know will be encouraging and supportive along the way🎄I’m excited to have this opportunity. Catching Flights in Gilbert, AZ- 7:30-10:30pm!! 🎶

Revelry means partying, celebration, festivity, merrymaking and that is my intention in bringing other musicians together. I want myself, the band and everyone present to have a joyful time! 🥳

Nikki Shue- vocals & guitar
Chad MacDonald- vocals & bass
Chris Sabbarese- lead guitar
Nick Forchione- percussion

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