The Roadhouse in Cave Creek & some other stuff!

Hey friends, my gig last week covering for a friend at The Roadhouse in Cave Creek went really well, so I’ll be back quite a bit this upcoming month! I liked performing here because I can really sing at my fullest and that feels fantastic!! Check out my calendar if you’d like to come out one of these times! Here’s when I’ll be there this week!

Last Saturday at Heroes in Glendale with Buddy Cash was so much fun! Thank you to all our friends that came out and participated in sharing their talents as well! I always have a great time when I’m performing with Buddy! We’ll be back September 30th!

Still selling furniture and cleaning up the old place to move out! Stay tuned for some new videos on YouTube! I’m not gonna move out of here before recording some final songs in this place that I’ve called home for so long. And I’ve gotta take advantage of the great acoustics of an empty living room and no neighbors next door! Haha!

I’ve been feeling lighter and more free in the process of packing and releasing items but I still find it very difficult to part with certain things. I had a good nap and cry on the couch before it was picked up. I had lots of fun memories with my kids having family talks and our family pets hanging out with us. It was also very comfortable! 😊 I’m starting a new chapter in my life, so I guess some part of me is ceremoniously letting go and that takes time and patience.

I’m still figuring things out as I go and finding it to be like an adventure…I don’t know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next! That part is scary and thrilling all at the same time! I’m keeping to myself quite a bit as I navigate this journey. It’s mostly so I can hear myself. Everyone who cares about seems to have some advice and I know you all are looking out for me, thank you! Just trying to make sure I keep following my North Star and not someone else’s. Wish me luck! ⭐️

Xoxo! – Nikki

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