Singing some songs in Cave Creek this week and more!!

Here are the shows for the week..all 3 in Cave Creek! All of these venues provide live music to the area 7 days a week!! Starting off this week at The Roadhouse and then The Hideaway, both Solo shows and then Chad and I’s Duo, Connecticut to Cali, will be making its debut appearance at Janey’s Coffeehouse this Thursday. Seeing friends and family at shows is always appreciated and makes us perform better haha! It’s the truth!! Would love to see you!!

I accidentally thought I had posted this email but made an error so it’s past the time of the first gig. There was a big hail storm in the middle and then the roof started to leak over the stage so we had fun moving all of my equipment. It was kind of exciting!!

Good news on the personal front to report! I decided where I was moving and made that all happen last week in two carloads. It feels good to be light and make a fresh start! I’ll be staying with my Grandma for awhile and loving it here so far! My Grandma and I keep using the phrase, “Things change!” and have a little laugh… Making light all the changes instead of resisting them. Excited for what’s to come!!

P.S. My site is still under heavy construction 🚧 so please refer to my emails as the most up to date information until my site is up and running again!

Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead full of magic and beauty!! Xo!

– Nikki

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