The Cycle of Fall, The Cycle of Change!!

As we get older, we become wiser and more self-aware, more in touch with nature’s cycles. There’s a lot in my life that I’m in the process of improving upon…my self-care, my emotional equilibrium, doing the right thing, creating a balanced work/home life, speaking my truth, persevering when I feel like giving up, and more. I know that is the journey of life we’re all on, right? Just when we got one aspect of our life figured out, we notice what else needs to be improved upon. I think in order to have new beginnings, it often means taking time to be silent and just notice how your life feels, often we can’t believe we hadn’t noticed earlier. It’s even amazing to notice how one year ago, how differently life felt but we don’t notice the subtleties of how that happened. We’re so busy in the day to day, just doing and trying to stay on top of life. Perhaps some aspects of life are going really great and they feel good and perhaps other aspects just aren’t working. Maybe there’s something that needs to go…an old way of doing things, an old way of seeing things, an old way of reacting, moving on from situations, letting go of things, people, control and more.

It reminds me of the energy of Fall. The leaves have to “Fall” from the tree to make room for new growth and they become part of the earth again, and so the cycle continues. Imagine how boring life would be if we never changed or it was always Summer.

I’m going to be shedding some metaphorical leaves 🍁 to make room for the new growth 🍃. Musically, I have gone through my song list and purged some songs that just weren’t working for me anymore, I have turned down some work so I don’t get burnt out like I did last year, dyed my hair dark again, and in the process experimenting with my clothes and how I’d like to express myself.

Besides all this Fall talk, I do have a few gigs this week that I wanted to post. I’ll be in Scottsdale, Chandler and Cave Creek this week! Maybe I’ll see you there!

Wishing you all a beautiful start to a new season! Enjoy this fabulous weather and get some sunshine!!

Love, Nikki

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