I’m Thankful for…

This day, my health, my being able to sing and play guitar, my beautiful kids, my partner, my family, friends, supporters, the people who have helped me to continue to find work (especially my friend, Mark Florentine & booking agent, Tanner Siegfort), for my safety, wellness, resilience, stamina, and courage, and mostly for this life experience filled with beauty, contrast, wonder, cycles and mysteries. I am not a big fan of the holidays but I don’t mind using this time to take a moment to appreciate all the abundance around some. Trust me, I forget often and any time is a good time to remember.

This week I’m happy to be working at a really cool Holiday Market out in the East Valley. I’ll be there three days in a row. It’s indoors and has a ton of vendors and some food trucks too! I’ll also be performing for the first time at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort on Friday. And on Saturday, you’ll find me at The Hidden House in Old Town Chandler. It’s such a neat venue…great people, food, drinks and atmosphere.. I’m always thrilled to play there!

I can’t believe we’re at the end of November already! I’m trying to soak up this great weather while it’s here..I’ve been going to Dreamy Draw Park for hikes and daily walks in my neighborhood! Anyhoo…that’s about it with exception of chauffeuring my teenagers around town!

Love to you all!

– Nikki

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