Baby Steps towards a more aligned life…

So last week I had posted on Facebook and Instagram that I came to the same conclusion I had a few years ago..I would like to delete my social media. Unlike last time, this is not about the people and politics which don’t seem to bother me as much anymore. In fact, people are the reason why I returned to social media in 2022. I don’t regret that but I guess the new realization is that I’m living out of alignment with how I want to live my life. Every time I log in I know it in my soul. I see the benefits of using social media and if you can use it on your own terms, more power to you but I know that I can’t. And secondly, I have two kids who I am role models for. Ever since their Dad bought them a phone, they’ve been addicted just like I have. I don’t blame them and I’m not going to argue with anyone about their choices or their values. But for me, I know I cannot ask them to do anything I haven’t done for myself and I have to model the behavior that I wish to see reflected in my life..I can’t keep talking about it. So with that said, this isn’t up for debate as many have tried to debate and even insult me for my decision. We live in a world where we all think we know what’s best for one another yet we could better spend our time improving ourselves.

This was so fitting last week when I came to this decision

Anyhow, moving on…I still have my social media accounts active as I don’t want to rush ahead with deleting like I did in haste last time. I lost connection with many people whom I wish I had gotten their contact information, photos, videos, names of businesses, and more. So, I will patiently take my time with this and devise my next step in staying in touch with everyone who wishes to as that is my highest priority.

You may have also noticed me discussing my latest venture of “Connecticut to Cali”. I’ve had a lot of people asking me if I’m moving or going on tour. The answer to both of those questions is not yet. Right now, this is a seed that has been planted and we are setting an intention for what we would love to be doing. Chad has traveled the world with various bands for the last 30 years so this is not new territory for him. He also has a regular job in addition to working with various bands. So if we do travel for work it will be small increments to start off. We both would love to see more of the country and play music while we’re at it. Perhaps 4-5 days at a time. If you know of any venues, we would love suggestions and support getting work on our adventures! We just got signed on with a booking company to find work out of state but it’s hard to know at this early stage how much work will come of it. In the meantime, I am taking the baby steps to turn this dream into a reality. Business name agreed upon, I designed a logo on the Canva app, business cards have been ordered, I downsized my car to save on expenses, installed a tow hitch on the Subaru 😅 because taking our bikes along on these adventures is a must, car magnets, website domain, YouTube channel in the works, and more!

I had hit a dead end with the tow hitch install but Dad of course had the right tools and lent a helping hand on part of this which I’m extremely grateful for!! 💞🙏🏼

We just got back from a trip Chad had with his Rolling Stones tribute called Mick Adams & The Stones. They were lucky to be playing in my favorite area in California…Encinitas. They played a private birthday party at the famous Belly Up! in Solana Beach. I felt very fortunate to have been there for this really special event. We got an Airbnb ten minutes away, we took the Subaru and the bikes and made a trip of it. We didn’t have any work as a duo this time but we had a really memorable trip, made some new friends and excited to go back out there and do both!

From a super cute family-owned coffee shop across from Belly Up! we walked into before the show. They were getting ready to close but we got some cold brew and they let us feed the bunnies strawberries!!
Chad singing with the guest of honor, Ray, at The Belly Up!
Some of the really rad concert posters!
Love these blooms everywhere! 😍
View from the Coastal Rail Trail on my bike down to the beach!
One of my favorite beaches..Del Mar Dog Beach. Free entertainment!
Used to bring Rico here 💓
Overlooking Del Mar Beach
Riding bikes through the streets of Encinitas trying to find some late night eats!

Chad will be with Mick Adams and The Stones all week in Laughlin. Check out their site and schedule if interested!

As for me, the month of June has been my quietest month of the entire year. As of now I only have 4 on the calendar. This is my only source of income at the moment so it has me wondering if I need to entertain other options with work. My living situation is not much different..they are increasing rent to $2K a month soon and I’m opening myself up to creative solutions. I trust that there will be challenges ahead but it will lead to something better and more aligned for me but I’m just taking baby steps and living in LOVE! Thank you for letting me share with you! 💗

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